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Trace the plot plan from the print of the assessor's maps.

Center the property on the page.

Make your drawing neat.

Work in pencil, erase any errors.

Use a triangle to keep your lines clean and straight.

Include the details, such as ROW (Right of Way) and any water features.

Overlay onto another page and try some property layouts.


Here is a copy of the plot plan in digital form - link


As a group

Make a name for your building project. This name should be appropriate to the town of Duxbury. Use this name on all your documentation.



access to the property


uses of the building(s)

size/location of the building(s)

Determine parking needs. How many spaces needed per unit?

What will your usage density be?

How many floors will your building have?


Check out some multi use buildings in Duxbury:

The brick building in Hall's corner has about 10 apartments, several stores and a restaurant.

Duxbury Crossroads on Depot Street has many stores, at least one restaurant, and lots of offices.

178 Saint George Street has several offices, two apartments and a chiropractor

11 Enterprise street has a bunch of offices, and upstairs are townhouse condominiums.

14 Tremont Street has a number of offices and apartments.

Snug Harbor Tile is in a building on Tremont Street with two businesses downstairs and a huge apartment upstairs.

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