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Engineering PodcastTopics

The Museum of Science has aksed for a series of Podcasts. Here is the list of topics.


a. Using a handsaw (Teacher narration with emphasis on safety) (as for

hull die?)





b. Measuring, mixing, safety, waste, prototype costs, disposal issues

involved with epoxy.





c. How does the Putt-Putt boat work? Ideally from a group of student

answers recorded just after seeing the demo (pre-learning) versus the

same or other students post-learning we would hear a difference in use

of terms paralleling the rubric in the EtF teachers guide, e.g.

post-learning we might hear explanations in terms of differences

driving change, water pistons, propulsion.





d. How are putt-putt boat and a boiling pot of water (with a lid)

similar? And how similar to a gas engine?





e. Stresses on materials and how to test for them





f. How ___ works. Maybe a debate/discussion by students of

differing ideas on why/how something (connected to EtF curriculum)

works, coming to correct conclusion, possibly with teacher asking good

questions to guide student understanding.





g. What is Ohm’s law? Plus especially how is it similar (a la

Principles of Technology) to relationships among pressure,

temperature, volume, resistance in thermal and fluid systems, i.e.

differences driving change, energy flow, resistances.





h. Applications of capacitors





i. Comparing resistors and capacitors in series and parallel circuits





j. Current projects: Possibly setting up a low voltage sound system

(the other current projects listed seem less directly related to EtF


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