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Use syringes, tubing and...

Make sure you use the notebook to keep track of your explorations.

We may need to design the projectile as well.

This is a speed project. We will be done with it by the end of next week.

Testing of the devices will be done outside on the tennis court.

You can work on this project solo or in pairs.

Longest distance, height, documentation and classroom participation all count to your grade.


Things to include

A working physical model of your device.

Drawings of your device

Written explanation on how to use the device.

Use of Computer Aided Design for the parts

Instructions for how to have somebody else build it


Yes and No


Yes you should design for accuracy

Yes you should use the manufacturing techniques acquired already

Yes you should make connections to electrical systems

Yes you should recognize the difference between closed and open systems

Yes you should put your tools away

Yes you should ask if you need supplies or tools

Yes you should plan on documenting your design and process for creating it.



No shooting things at or nearly at people

No leaving parts of things on the floor

No careless handling of supplies

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