In the past few years, the cost of gas has gone from around $1.50 a gallon to $3.50 a gallon. This has caused other prices to go up as well. It is possible for another doubling of fuel and energy costs in the next few years.


What are the implications of increasing energy costs?

How does the increase of the price of gas affect you personally?

How does it affect your community?

What is the connection between the price of fuel and the price of food?


How can we insulate ourselves from the negative aspects of these changes?

How can we capitalize on the positive aspects of these changes?


Looking into the future, what do you think will happen with the price of energy?


How will possible increases in energy affect the way we move ourselves?

How will it affect the jobs we have?

How will it affect the food we eat?

How will it affect the houses we live in?

How will it affect the communities we choose to live in?