Due Thurs 12-22

Neat and presentable from each group

Engineering Notebook

Pages 69-74

Scale drawing of deck

Structural analysis of deck. What will it hold with various sizes/spacing of lumber for joists

Cost analysis of deck. How much is the lumber going to cost for the various possiblities?

Building permit. Fill out either the town's building permit documents or the one in the notebook

Over vacation, before next class:

Review the remaining pages in the Engineers Notebook.

There is far more information in these pages than we can possibly do as a group. After vacation, we will group the pairs that we are currently working with to make larger groups. Each of these new groups will tackle a section of the material left in this project. Each of the new groups will conduct the experiments, gather data and present their findings.

Review chapters 11 through 15 in the textbook.

Depending on which projects in the Engineers Notebook your groups works with, your group will read one of the chapters remaining in this section of the book. You should be at least familiar with the concepts that the other groups will be working with.