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Term4Projects is a two year tradition for the 710 Engineering class.

For this project, the students in the class form groups, come up with an idea and implement it within the time constraints of the last term of the year.


While this project is a lot of fun, it requires a lot of commitment on the part of the individuals in the groups. In exchange for doing something really unique for a high school project, students have to dedicate a lot of attention to the successful completion of the project. Grading/evaluation will be on both groups and the individuals, daily effort and periodic products. Assignments will need to be done and handed in on schedule in order to keep things flowing properly.

Project Evaluation

Student Name(s):

Use of the Design Process

Use and demonstration of understanding of Engineering Principles http://dhsengineering.pbwiki.com/FrameworksStandards


Creation of a carefully crafted product.

Documentation of Project

-Project Process

-Project Concepts

-Problems and Solutions


Physical Display

-Shows Physical Objects

-Explains Project Process

-Explains Concepts

-Display is thoughtfully and carefully crafted


Preparation for presentation

Project Members:

  • What specific FrameworksStandards cause your project to work? Use the text of the standard and explain how it relates to your project
  • Cost analysis - How expensive would it be to make one or two of these?
  • How expensive would it be to make them in quantities of 10 / 50 / 100
  • If you had more time, what would you do to improve your project?


Weekly update

Group members:

Each individual should copy these questions to his or her online documentation and answer them. Bring in a printed copy by the last class meeting of the week.

Briefly describe the project:


What engineering frameworks have you worked with this week? http://dhsengineering.pbwiki.com/FrameworksStandards


What has your group accomplished this week?


What problems has your group overcome this week?


What are the most significant problems your group faces at this time? What will you do to meet these problems?


What materials or information do you need? How do you plan on getting these materials or information?


Group members:

All group members should write their name legibly on this sheet to indicate their understanding of the project successes and needs.

All group members should participate in the writing of this sheet. Each individual should copy these questions to his or her online documentation and answer them. Bring in a printed copy on Monday May 8 2006.

Briefly describe the project:

What engineering frameworks does this project involve? http://dhsengineering.pbwiki.com/FrameworksStandards

What has your group accomplished at this time?

What problems has your group overcome?

What are the most significant problems your group faces?

What materials or information do you need? How do you plan on getting these materials or information?




Make sure you tie your work to the FrameworksStandards


Extra Credit for any group that enters the Instructables Project Contest:


Major Extra credit for winning!


email from The Sietch site manager


Hi my name is Shane I run The Sietch, I have noticed in my logs that you have been thinking about trying to redo some of the projects on my site, I am available for any help you might want on any of the projects, I would also like to know if any of the students doing the projects inspired by The Sietch could document there efforts and send me some pics and stories, I would love to post them on the site. Especially if they do a better job than we did :)


Let me know if you need any help, there should be a new easier to complete solar battery charger project up soon, I am putting the finishing touches on the files now.


Founder Of The Sietch


Work on projects

Read the instructions, follow them, create some product that you think will work.

Next week, the individuals and groups will need to have some documentation ready for review.


Outside of class, it may make more sense to use the online wiki or blog and in class use the written notebook. You should use the notebook to help you remember what to put in the online notes. Photos are a plus.

Here are some questions for you to address in your documentation.


What did you do?

Were the instructions you found sufficient?

What supplies have you secured, and what do you still need?


Plan it out.

Add to your wiki the following bits of information:

Who is in the group?

What is the project?

What engineering principles will you work with on the project?

What are the addresses to each member's wiki?

What materials will you need?

What are the possible problems you will encounter?


Hand this in by the end of the period.


Get to work on the project.

Keep your paper and web based documentation up to date.

Didn't get the prevacation assignment done?

Here are a few ideas that you will have to choose from. If you did not get the prevacation assignment done and submitted via email, you must choose from one of the items listed here. The links listed below are not intended to provide every bit of information you need, but rather to serve as inspiration and a starting point. You will have to do a bunch of your own research.

Windmill - Use the wind to make electricity

There was an article in issue 5 of Make Magazine Gotwind.org has a contest you can enter.

Here are the links:






Generate electricity - make two or three models of electric generators, hand crank and kinetic energy powered.

Here are some links


Link to the project:


Here is another resource for generator projects


Solar charger - make at least two solar chargers, a small phone charger/2AA battery model and one that can power a radio.

Here are a few links:

These folks made a solar hot water heater


Link to the project:


also on the site is a link to a solar battery charger


The main person from the site above has Cape Cod contact info.

Hovercraft - make at least three models of hovercraft: tabletop floor and sit on

Here are a few links:

This guy used 500 lbs of potatoes to make a battery



also on his site was this link to the hovercraft idea








Before vacation:

Identify group members

Narrow down the project to something realistic

Confirm project with instructor

Start wiki/blog for online notes on the project

Start physical notebook for notes on the project

Make a links page for finding information easily


Send an email to duxtech@gmail.com with

The names of the people in the group

the link to the makezine.com entry and

the link to the project you will be working with.

The engineering frameworks you will be focusing on.


First class after vacation

Each group must have an approved project

Materials, space and information needs have to be planned for.

Work on building the project begins



Build the project

write in physical notebook

write in online wiki/blog about progress of project

gather information that will help figure the project out

add links to the links page


Before the end of the term

Each group will present their idea and the engineering principles behind it.

This may be a meeting or series of meetings with younger students

It may be video taped

Some criteria

The whole project has to be done before the year ends.

There must be a focus on at least two engineering subject areas.

The product of the project must leave the school at the end of the project, or it must be planned into use in the building.

The group must create online documentation.

The group must create a written roadmap for the project.

The group will present their project and the concepts it embodies to an audience before the end of the project.



The project idea must come from the http://makezine.com website

Identify Possible Projects:

Before class monday april10

Review the makezine site online

Copy the address of entries that interest you and paste them onto another page like a wiki.

Go to the websites that are linked to from the make site and check them out

Pick the four or five projects that sound most interesting for group review. Print the addresses and bring the page in to class.



Some Process:

Identify possible projects

Narrow ideas down to a more realisitic set

Identify possible groups

Identify target audiences for the project: who will recieve presentation? who will use product created?

Choose Groups

Review documentation, identify tool, supply and work and storage space needs

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