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Instructables lasercutter contest




organizer photos - http://flickr.com/photos/connors934/sets/72157603187696980/

CAD up your organizer

put the files on your wiki

Do the individual parts separately, then combine them in an assembly document



Organizers should be complete and delivered at this point.

If you need to finish the organizer for delivery, plan on doing it after school.


Building of the Future Project

Pretest for start of unit 2


Due Dates:

Notebook pages 55-66 due today

Documentation of your group project is due at the start of next class.


Chapter 9 extra credit

after vacation


Report cards distributed at end of period



This week will be included in next week's WeeklyUpdate

Have it ready to go at the start of the last class of next week.



Organizer Wrapup

Create documentation for your organizer

See yesterday's entry for requirements

Notebook is due The first class of next week 11/19.

Web documentation printout is due last class before Thanksgiving 11/21

If you are travelling, these assignments are due before you go.



Delivery of Organizers

Make sure you have a photo of the Before situation prior to delivery

Notebook pages 55 to 66 due at the start of next class.


Wrapup document of the Organizer Project

As a group: Write up an explanation of your organizer on your wiki

Include the following below in your writeup:

Particpants' names

  • Initial Customer name
  • Additional customer names
  • how your organizer will or will not save the company (this is included in the notebook)
  • How the organizer satisfies the needs of your original customer.
  • photos of the area organized before and after the organizer's delivery
  • explain what you could do to improve the organizer further (solve the problem better, solve other problems better, better looking, different materials, surface finish, etc)
  • Include images of your drawings, by hand and by CAD.
  • Include links to any CAD files


The due date for this will be determined in class



Due next class



Completion of build for the Organizer project

Check with the customer, make sure there are no last minute changes

We will be delivering these in the first period of next week

What do you need to do to deliver?

Take a picture of the teacher's desk/area before the organizer is delivered.

Try to show how the space needs the organizer.

Next week, get a photo of the area .


Reflections on the project

How can we show the process we have used on this project to the school?

How could your group have made a better product more quickly?

If you had unlimited time, what would you have done differently?





Hand back of completed work


production run

Get them built and ready for delivery


Extra credit project

Trainer Tim needs an organizer for the weight room disinfectant.




production run

Get them built and ready for delivery


Extra credit project

Trainer Tim needs an organizer for the weight room disinfectant.



Due at the start of class today





Cut materials for mass production run

explore finishes for organizers

luan delivery this afternoon or tuesday morning



Due at start of class Friday



Extra credit - Trainer Tim needs an organizer for the weight room disinfectant.

Chapter 8 Read and questions for Tuesday

All back chapter and notebook work due by Tuesday


Vinyl designs for organizer

Come up with a way to use the vinyl cutter for the project


Cut plan for mass production run

What parts do you need?

How efficiently can you use the sheet of 4x8 plywood?

The saw blade cuts a 1/8 inch kerf

Fewer, straighter cuts are better than a bunch of random cuts.



Due at the start of class



Due last class next week.



Make a plan for creating 5-10 of your design

How can you make it easier to assemble?

How can you make it more functional?

How can you make it look better?


You will need to show your design to potential customers

Ask them if they would like one.

Ask if the design works for them.

Incorporate your new customers opinions into your mass production model.


Plan out a cut pattern for the wood you will need.

Have all the parts for your 5-10 unit run cut at the same time

See examples from Shop Notes and other magazines to get an idea of how to plan the cuts.



Due tomorrow at the start of class



Due next week at the start of the last class of the week.


Trainer Tim needs some bottle holders for the weight room.

See Mr. Connors for an extra credit project.



Make first working prototype

Get feedback from the customer on the design

Make changes to this design before going into mass production.

What needs to be done to make your design work better, assemble better, look better?


How do you make 5-10 of these designs?

How many parts of what sizes will you need?

How can you explain the process of assembly?


Use your first prototype to find customers for your production run of organizers.





Due at start of period

Chapter 7 due


Computer Aided Design

Make CAD drawings of your organizer parts.

Make the designs full size and accurate.

Use CAD to draw the parts for your organizer.

You can use Pro Desktop, on the computers

You can use Open Office Draw, also on the computers


If this isn't working, There is a collection of Mythbusters tapes and sheets.

Each student should hand in a sheet at the end of the video with their responses to the questions.





WeeklyUpdate Due by Friday

Chapter 7 Due by Friday



Groups that delivered dimensions for their parts get them today

Assemble the parts

See how they go together

Do you need other parts?

Groups that didn't get their dimensions in, need to do so this period.


Maker Faire


Look for Mr. Connors and Fab Labs in the coverage




Chapter 6 due with questions answered

Chapter 7 due by Friday


Results from full size sketch model

Changes asked for by client

What was successful about the design?


Make drawings of the parts

What are the actual measurements of the parts you need?

How will the parts go together?

Get the measurements to Mr. Connors, and he will cut them.

There may not be time enough during class to cut them.


Maker Faire - http://makerfaire.com/

Mr. Connors will be at Maker Faire in Austin Texas from Wednesday to Sunday.

He will be staffing a booth on Fab Labs

Check out http://makerfaire.com/ to see what is going on.

There will also be info at http://makezine.com/blog/



Chapter 7 due with questions answered


Complete group sketch model

Bring sketch model to client and get feedback

Write down responses of the client to your model.

You might get fired from the project by the client if your proposed solution is not useful enough from the client's point of view.

If this happens, you will need to have Mr. Connors identify a new client for you.


Requirements for drawings of parts to be cut

Precision counts with scarce materials

Make sure you have measurements that will produce parts that fit together.

The materials will be 1/4" thick


techniques for construction of materials model


1/4 luan



Design Process



Finish up the sketch model.

Present the models you have made

How will the design work?

How will the design solve the client's problem?

Will the design be within the materials limitations?

Take the best of your teams ideas and refine them into one design.



Due Friday, write it for both this week and last week.



Chapter 5 due today



Sketch/Paper model

Each person makes a paper model of their idea for the organizer.

It is best to have some drawings to work from for making the sketch model.

See how it is sized, and how it looks

You will use this to figure out the basic functionality of the organizer.

When you are done, compare your designs with each other




Due Friday, write it for both this week and last week.




homework pages 39-45 due

Chapter 5 due by next Wednesday

Report back to your group about what organizers are and what you have found for the needs of your target market.

Make preliminary sketches of the space you will organize

Make sketches of the organizer ideas you have now.

If there is time, we could begin the paper model.



Due last class of next week, write it for both this and next week.



WeeklyUpdate - Next week will include both weeks

Intro to Organizer project


hw: 39-45 notebook

Chapter 5 by next wed


Hand back of graded work

Make SketchupPage

Museum of Science video

Intro to Organizer project





follow me tool

Adding photos to objects



You will need to create a WeeklyUpdate each week starting this week.

This process will be allowed during class this week.

In the future, the WeeklyUpdate is due at the start of the last class of the week


Organizer Project

Review the section on the organizer

the organizer will be for a teacher's desk in this school

Groups should be no more than 4 people

The target teacher should be one that most of the people in the group all have.

The organizer will be planned, prototyped and built.

Ideally, the design should work for other teachers.



Chapter 4 questions due

Sketchup, Pro Desktop, Open Office


Sketchup home page - http://sketchup.google.com/product_suf.html

Sketchup work from last spring



Sketchup tutorials

Sketchup Wiki - http://www.suwiki.org/suwiki/index.php?title=Tutorials

newer ones on Sketchup Wiki - http://www.suwiki.org/suwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

Sketchup video tutorials - http://sketchup.google.com/vtutorials.html



You will need to create a WeeklyUpdate each week starting this week.

This process will be allowed during class this week.

In the future, the WeeklyUpdate is due at the start of the last class of the week



Recap on drawing techniques

Introduction to Computer Aided Design

Sketchup, Pro Desktop, Open Office Draw


Read Chapter 4 for homework, answer questions at end of chapter and in notebook

Check over notebook and hand in at start of next class.



Hand back of corrected work

Oblique drawing

Perspective drawing

One point perpective

two point perspective

moving the vanishing point to get different effects

differences between the different drawing techniques




Isometric drawing

orthographic to isometric



Engineering club meeting next Tuesday afternoon This year's focus will be on creating a Fab Lab with computer controlled tools.



orthographic drawing

three view drawing

isometric to orthographic

homework, draw an object in three views


Engineering club meeting next Tuesday afternoon This year's focus will be on creating a Fab Lab with computer controlled tools.



Drawing techniques


three view drawings, multiview drawings

isometric to orthographic

scale in drawings

Homework: draw an object full size or to scale



Wrapup of the cellphone holder.

next directions for the cellphone holder

photos of the holders with phones in them

reflections on the design process

chapter 3 due

notebook section on cellphone holder due


engineering drawing introduction

next chapter will be chapter 4, using drawings in the workplace



Homework for next time - Chapter 3

Estimate area of cell phone holder

Estimate costs of cellphone holder manufacturing

Estimate area of cellphone holder

Estimate shipping, wholesale and retail

complete task 1-2, hand in notebook pages.

Extra credit - Make a cell phone holder of fabric or other materials, test it out.


Next project is engineering drawing.



Homework due - Chapter 2 -


Complete cellphone holder prototype

Calculate costs for cellphone holder

How profitable would this design be?

Homework for next time Chapter 3



Homework - Chapter 1





Video on Ideo

What is engineering?

Notebook section on engineering.

Homework - read Chapter 1, answer questions at end of chapter

South End Technology Center Fab Lab - Lasercutter pressfit - http://fab.cba.mit.edu/central/?q=tutorials/epilog_press_fit

ch 1 due monday questions written out on paper


Intro Cellphone holder project




ch 1 due monday questions written out on paper

notebooks - store in 3 ring binder


Make a Student Course Wiki



Intro to course

Intro to assignments

Welcome back from summer!

Make a Student Course Wiki

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